Windows Mixed Reality is here, with Sketchfab support “Out of the Box”

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The much touted Microsoft’s Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is finally available for installation today and with it comes Windows official support for mixed reality. Headsets and motion controllers from Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung also hit the streets this week providing yet more options for diving into VR from your laptop or desktop.

We’re proud to announce that Sketchfab is supported by Windows Mixed Reality from day one, one of the great benefits of our technology being built on WebVR. Just pull up the Edge browser within the Microsoft Cliff House portal and visit Choose your favorite work, select the VR Goggles icon and you’ll be transported out of the Cliff House and into VR with the Sketchfab model. You can also click the VR Googles icon in any Edge browser window on your desktop and it will launch the Mixed Reality app to view the model.

Once in VR with the model, use your motion controller(s) to teleport around the scene to view the model from all angles. A tap of the Windows button on your controller will bring you back to the Cliff House.

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  • max says:

    This awesome thanks guys! How can i now look at my Sketchfab model inside of real space using the mixed reality option? Would love to project the model in inside of real space while giving presentations! Thanks

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