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Earlier this year at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple unveiled some of the upcoming features in iOS 12 including a new 3D file format for Apple’s investment in Augmented Reality called USDZ (Universal Scene Description).

The file format was co-created by Pixar, and is  a “zero-compression unencrypted zip archive” (hence the Z) of the powerful Universal Scene Description format used in their feature film pipeline. The format permits the transmission of 3D files back and forth in a performant manner making it ideal for mobile devices and a friendly format for app developers working with ARKit.

As one of Apple’s launch partners on USDZ, and to celebrate the launch of iOS 12 we wanted to share some of our early experiments with converting Sketchfab models to USDZ to render natively in AR on iOS.

If you’re an Apple iPhone user who’s updated to the iOS 12 Beta we invite you to check out some of our preview models below by clicking on the buttons in a browser on your phone:

Stay tuned for more news on our support for USDZ in the near future.


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Paul Chambers

Paul Chambers

Artist Evangelist & Community outreach at Sketchfab, freelance CG Generalist, render-farm tinkerer. Zelda worshipper.

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  • Beerad says:

    Any special instructions on how to use this? Every time I switch to AR mode you see the model for a second and then it just flies out of view into the air. Same thing on several of the models.

  • Hi Paul,

    I just download iOS 12 yesterday and had a bit of a play with your article’s example models in the new USDZ file format and the new AR quick look mode. It looks fantastic and is way more stable with out the delay experienced with Sketchfab’s current AR mode. Is there any time frame on when we can download our Sketchfab models in the new USDZ file format? I would love to be able to do it now.

    Love Sketchfab and the work you guys do.

    Cheers, Aaron

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