Sketchtalk : Interview with French sculptor Julien Jousseaume

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Today, I present you a French sculptor I had the chance to discover. His work is just incredible and I felt like showing it to you.


Hi Julien, can you introduce yourself to our readers ? Who are you, where are you from, when did you start this activity ?

My name is Julien Jousseaume, I’m 36, and I live in Le Mans, in France. Today I’m a sculptor and I’m also a sculpting teacher. But things haven’t always been like this. When I was young I studied advertising because I couldn’t afford a 3D school. Later I became a set designer and worked for exhibits, shows, theaters. After that I became a clown, I wrote scenarios, and I also became a puppeteer which was heaven for me as I could fully express my talents. I was fulfilled at this time. Yet, one day I chose to stop this life of entertainer to focus on set designing. I think it was a more stable situation. But ten years later, I wanted to get back into creation, so I started to sculpt again. I participated in a European sculpting contest, and I’ve started to be noticed. Later I also won a couple of contests.


Where have you learnt to sculpt ? Was it at school ?

I learned the basics at school but most of my skills have come along my experience.


How did you start using Sketchfab and how does it help you today ?

I met Jean-Charles on Facebook, he encouraged me to showcase my work online with Sketchfab. Now I use Sketchfab as a portfolio, in order to allow professionals to see my work.


Where does your inspiration come from usually ?

Everywhere around me is a source of inspiration. It could be something real, or something in my dreams.


Can you share your workflow with us ?

When I start a new project, I try to get the most information about what I’m going to create. For the spider, I watched a lot of documentaries about insects, and I met a lot a scientists and anthropologists. I also studied spider’s behaviors and gathered tons of macro-photos for the texture work. Then I usually start to make some sketches, and after that I start sculpting. At first I make something really quickly, and this base get modified over the weeks, until it becomes perfect.


Which one of your works are you the most proud of ?

The spider is one of my best projects, but I’m proud of every sculpt I’ve made. My work keeps evolving and puts in the light all the progress I’ve made along my career.


The Spider is a master piece, how much time have you spent on it ?

Thanks. With this project I wanted to express some emotions such as fear or insects phobia, and I also wanted to create something that look’s like an alien, because that’s what the contest requested. I think I’ve worked more than 60 hours on this project.


Today you work with real matter, do you plan to switch to software sculpting one day ?

Well, I started using ZBrush for the first time one week ago. It’s an awesome tool and I think it’s an opportunity to push the limit of traditional sculpting.


orc couleur by zion sculpteur on Sketchfab

Thank you so much for your time Julien, and please keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to seeing what you can do on ZBrush 😉 

– Jc


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