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Sketchfast #6 – Your best Sculptfab!

We are excited to launch our 6th Sketchfast contest. The theme is rather straightforward: Your best Sculptfab!


Sculptfab is a pretty neat sculpting tool, and we decided that using it as a theme in itself was probably the best way to let you express the full potential of your creativity!


Contest rules:

  • One final entry per user
  • Your entry must have been made using, between Friday, August 30th and Monday, September 2nd at noon (EST).
  • Your entry must start with the default sphere provided in Sculptfab.
  • You must submit 2 work-in-progress models before your final sculpt to show the evolution (feel free to regularly save your entry in Sculptfab to obj to make sure you don’t lose it).
  • Your entries must be submitted to your own personal Sketchfab account, not the general Sculptfab one.
  • You can render your final entry in Sketchfab with the material editor, but no other tool is permitted.
  • Tag your final entry (only the final one, not the 2 WIPs) with sketchfast6

Contest prizes:

  • 1st prize: a 3D print of your entry + 1 year of Sketchfab PRO
  • 2nd prize: a 3D print of your entry
  • 3rd prize: 1 year of Sketchfab PRO

Voting and selection will be made by the Sketchfab community, who will be choosing the best sculptfabs!

Additional notes:

  • Here is a tutorial on how to use Sculptab. And another one here.
  • More info about Sculptfab here.
  • Thanks Stéphane Ginier for making SculptGL, the awesome tool Sculptfab is based on.

Good luck! Feel free to reach out to if you have any question.

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