Integrate 3D models in your Behance portfolio with Sketchfab!

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Big news for Behance users: we are now partners! The Behance team has just added Sketchfab as a supported embeddable media, along with Soundcloud, Vimeo or Prezi. It means you can now use Sketchfab iframes to embed your 3D projects in your Behance portfolio.


This is how it works:

1) Create a free account on Sketchfab and upload your 3D model. Sketchfab support 28 native 3D formats, and you can even upload directly from Photoshop!

2) Get the embed code of your model, you can find it on the model’s page under the viewer on the right, by clicking on the “</> embed” button:


3) Go to your portfolio on Behance, click on “Create project”, then “embed media”, and paste the embed code in the blank field:



You can customise the embed code to change the size, put the model in auto-spin, set a transparent background or hide the controls. You can find more details on embed parameters here:

4) Save your project, and you’re good to go! You can check check the result here:

And this is how it will look:


Thanks to the Behance team for making this possible, and let us know about your 3D projects embedded on Behance! We created a Behance gallery and would be happy to feature some good work on it, check it out:


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