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Sometimes you need to quickly share some materials on a sample model. Maybe you’re a CG artist who needs to share progress with his peers, or maybe you’re in the business of selling textures and you want to show them in a beautiful way. Of course you can do all that with Sketchfab, but we found that uploading a fully textured model each time was just too much work. So we came up with something much simpler: the Sketchfab Materials Showcase.

Before explaining how it works, let’s just see what it looks like! You can load different textures into the following embed by selecting them from the links below it. Note that it won’t reload the entire model – just the textures!

Select a different set of textures here to update the model:

Now let’s see how this magic is done!

The Showcase allows you to use an existing model on Sketchfab and load texture files that you have hosted somewhere else (like on Dropbox) into your model. It works by adding the relevant channel data to the model URL:<your model model>#material_diffuse=<your texture URL>

By default, the Showcase will look for a material called ‘main_material’, to update the texture channels. You can specify other materials with the ‘material_names’ parameter. For example:


In this case, the specified texture channels will work on both materials: body and body_floor.

The available channel names are:

  • material_emissive
  • material_transparency
  • material_normal
  • material_ao
  • material_cavity
  • material_diffuse (can’t be disabled)
  • material_metalness (can’t be disabled, switches to the PBR Metalness workflow)
  • material_specular (can’t be disabled, switches to the PBR Specular workflow)
  • material_roughness (can’t be disabled)
  • material_glossiness (can’t be disabled)
  • material_f0

You can disable some channels by leaving their parameter empty (like ‘material_emissive=’).

Update: to enable the Material Showcase, you need to add the following parameter:

  • material_showcase=1

Note: the Showcase can only load images that support the ‘CORS’ standard like Dropbox and imgur. 

Full demo: Substance Materials

substance sampler

(Click image to launch the Substance Sampler)

Probe models

As mentioned before, you can use any model for the Showcase, but we have prepared some pretty good ones for you already:

Pro tip: subscribe to this collection to receive updates when we add new probes to it.

What do you think? Note that this is just a first version – if enough people find it useful we will extend the functionality, make it easier to use etc. If you’ve used it somewhere or if you have a cool probe to share, please share a link in the comments below!

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