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Cinema 4D Exporter Update

Edit: We’re aware of plugin installation issues on some machines. Please leave a comment including your Cinema 4D version, Operating System, system/application language and your plugin directory. Or, you can email this information to Thanks for your patience as we investigate.

Good news for Cinema 4D users! We have updated the Cinema 4D exporter to support animations so you can now use it to upload your FBX files.

The Sketchfab Exporter makes it super easy for you to share your C4D creations and work in progress on Sketchfab. It lets you publish your static and animated models straight from Cinema 4D to Sketchfab in just a few clicks. Here is a quick video:


How it works

  • Open your scene in Cinema 4D.
  • Go to File → Save project with Assets… to collect your model and textures together.
  • Open the Sketchfab Exporter plugin from the Plugin menu.
  • Enter a title, description, and tags, and mark it as Private if necessary.
  • Enter your API token, which you can save for later under Options.
  • Click Publish!

Using the Cinema 4D exporter will tag your model with ‘Cinema4D’ so it shows up in the gallery and will also add an “Uploaded with Cinema 4D” icon to your model page, like so:


As always, we always welcome your feedback, so if you do come across any issues, let us know.

Looking forward to seeing your Cinema4D animations!

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23 comments, add yours.

Doesn’t work on C4D R15! :/

    James Green

    What operating system?

      Windows 10, but on 17 i see that works, but i have the R15, how can i make it work?

        James Green

        Are you able to install it, or it never appears in the plugins menu?


Doesn’t work on C4D R17! :/

    James Green

    What operating system?


Doesn’t work, Windows 10, R17. Error is “Unable to upload model to Reason: must be string without null bytes or None, not str”


“The Sketchfab Exporter makes it super easy for you to share your C4D creations and work in progress on Sketchfab.”

If “super easy” means it never works, then yes, it SUPER EASY!


Doesn’t work on C4D R15! It can not be installed. Is there an explanation?


Doesn’t work on C4D R14. I’m on mac and it doesn’t appear on the plunging menu after I paste and reload the program.

Hi. Looks like this plugin doesnt work proper for different c4d version i have r15 and it doesnt work. My question when you will have update for c4d that it will work on all c4d versions?


It doesn’t work in version R14 neither in the R17 version (Windows 10 x64).


is it possible to reupload a cinemea4d file in Sketchfab via plugin?


    Plugin does not show up in the menu plugins. Can it make a difference that my Cinema4D language is not English?

      James Green

      We’re aware of some installation issues. Indeed, that might be the cause.


        No, I have the english version and it doesn’t work (OS X mac, Cinema 4d r14)

    James Green

    Not at the moment, sorry.


Doesn’t work on C4D R18 (Windows 10). Unable to upload model to Reason: Export failed.


For anyone having issues with exports. Here are two things I found that were causing export issues for me.

1. If the c4d file is in a gDrive or Dropbox folder. Pausing the syncing then run the export worked, my dropbox catalog is pretty big and I think the delay of it trying to sync was causing plugin to fail.

2. Make sure your model name doesn’t have any special characters like “/” in it. Using forward slashes in my model names would cause the export to fail.

Hope this helps someone!


For me, it doesn’t appear in the plugins window

Cinema 4d R14
Windows 7
32x bits


I am experiencing the same the plugin does not appear in the c4d-menu under plugins??

Cinema 4d R15
Mac OS 10.11.6

James Green

Hi everyone,

We’re aware of install issues on some machines. Thanks for you reports and your patience as we investigate. Please comment with Cinema 4D version, Operating System, and any other information like system language and plugin directory.

The current workaround to manually export and upload FBX.



It’s not working for me on C4d r17 Windows 7 and 10

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