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Sketchfab was founded almost 8 years ago on the idea that both the creation and consumption of 3D content will become an ever-increasing part of our digital lives. Reaching the amazing milestone of 3,000,000 community members is a huge validation of this assumption.

As we’re still a relatively small team of 30 people, this milestone has the added satisfaction of there now being 100,000 community members for each member of our team. We’re incredibly grateful to you, our community, for joining us in our ongoing 3D adventure!

You 3 million community members are diverse in your skills and interests—you are artists, downloaders, sellers, designers, brands, web developers, game studios, heritage organizations, scientists, and more.

We love seeing you drop likes and comments on each other’s 3D models, test your creative limits through our challenges, and share feedback and tips on the Forum. Our team enjoys engaging with you, too, as we collectively build and improve the platform. The creative and supportive culture is what makes Sketchfab and its community so special.

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Since we reached 2 million users in November 2018, we have seen the steady growth of new sub-communities. As we pass the 3 million member mark, Sketchfab has not only become the go to platform to publish 3D but also the best place to source and discover 3D content.

With over 300,000 freely downloadable 3D models, community members are increasingly joining Sketchfab to source Creative Commons licensed content for their own projects, ‘remixing’ it and building upon other artist’s work. As the best 3D repository on the web, we’ve made it easy for you to import Sketchfab models into your favorite creative software.

Since we launched the Sketchfab Store, thousands of community members have also started turning their passion for creation into revenue. Thanks to our 3D viewer and model inspector, buyers will experience your models at their best and have full confidence in their purchases. Are you interested in selling your work? Let us know!

Finally, another growing community group is web developers, who build experiences and applications on top of Sketchfab using our ‘Viewer API’. Some great examples of their work showcase the power of 3D in online shopping [] and interactive news [BBC News]. We’re supporting this growing community of developers with a new forum and newsletter and regular updates to our APIs.

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We’re both proud that Sketchfab has become the home of 3D on the internet and excited to keep pushing the boundaries with new features and updates in the future. A huge thank you to every single member of our community for helping us reach this historic milestone—here’s to the next million!

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Thomas Flynn

Community & Cultural Heritage Lead at Sketchfab.

Expert in 3D scanning, photogrammetry, online publishing & dissemination.


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