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v 1.15.0 is out, check it out!

We’ve spent the past weeks working on v 1.15.0, and just released it!


Here is a quick overview of the new features:

  • Support of bump textures.
  • Support of vertex color in obj file format.
  • Referrals: invite 5 of your friends, and get a account for 1 year for free!
  • Commission a 3d model: you can now order a model or apply to become an affiliated Sketchfab author.
  • FOV: set the field of view of your models in the edit panel.
  • Mobile version: viewer is now (more) mobile friendly :) (see below).
  • Performance improvement for faster loading.
  • Partners API: create / update / upgrade users remotely.
  • Minecraft exporter: allow people to upload minecraft levels

We hope you’ll enjoy those improvements, and we are already working on the next release!

The Sketchfab dev team.

ps: any feature request or suggestion? >

The new “mobile friendly” interface preview:


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