Embed in Kickstarter

You can now embed your 3D models into your Kickstarter campaigns! We have a few projects that are currently using this new feature to show off their work including Lima and Lynx 3D Camera!

This means that you can now present backers with a new form of interactive media! Upload your Game Assets, 3D scans, 3D Prints… and show them in 3D in your campaign - real-time - using Sketchfab.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Upload your model to Sketchfab.

2. Copy the model URL from the address bar, or the URL from the footer of the viewer.

3. Under product description, click on Video.

4. Simply paste the URL into the box as if it was a video and press ‘add’.

4. Be amazed as the model appears in the product description, allowing you to share your models with all the Kickstarter community!

Let us know if you have used Sketchfab in your campaigns and we will be happy to promote them! Contact us at support@sketchfab.com 

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